Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GE LG-218 Disconnect Switch Assembly

We mostly do electrical contact repair work here at WW Components, but every once in a while, we get RFQ's on parts that are beyond repair. In some cases, the repair work would be too involved and it becomes less expensive and faster to make new parts from scratch. Such was the case with a recent job we did with a GE LG-218 Disconnect Switch. It was made out of copper with brass and phosphorus bronze hardware. Below are some pictures of the customer's part and the ones we made.

This is the customer's burned up part that was sent in as a sample. The makeup area was completely burned and the silver pivots on the back were ruined from mechanical wear.

A closeup shot of the damaged makeup area.

Here's one of our newly made parts using copper and silver.

Makeup area detail of a new part.

All six new switches ready to be shipped to the customer for instillation.